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Creemore Springs Logo

Creemore Springs Lager

The Mono Cliffs Inn was the first establishment to serve Creemore's now famous beer, in 1987.
Creemore's unique amber lager is direct fire brewed in small batches and delivered fresh weekly. It is carefully brewed with only four ingredients - Malted Barley, Hops, Water and Yeast. Creemore is blessed with it's own spring water source that is perfectly suited for making this flawless beer that has established a loyal following at the Mono Cliffs Inn and beyond.

Wellington County Logo

Wellington Dark Ale

Wellington's most decorated beer is a dark traditional ale with a rich bouquet, matured slowly to deliver exceptional smoothness and balance. The brewery located nearby in Guelph has maintained its independent status while building loyal customers all over Ontario. The beer is delivered fresh to the Mono Cliffs Inn weekly.

King Brewery Logo

King Brewery Pilsner

An authentic Czech-style Pils Lager brewed with only 100% imported Bohemian malts, Saaz hops and a true strain of Czech yeast. The brewery in Nobleton in neighbouring King Township is known for its bright golden coloured, full-bodied beer with a refreshing taste. It delivers a soft texture, complimented by the proper balance of malt and Saaz hops. Its flavour begins with a pleasing malty taste, imparts a dry bitter tang, and finishes very cleanly. Consumers are quoted saying "there is not a beer in Canada that tastes like King Pilsner", and "this beer tastes like the true Pilsners in Europe".